Tour Amalfi Coast
Tour Amalfi Coast

Have you ever had a tour in Amalfi Coast? This marvellous line of rocks has much to give. There are, at the same time, sea, mountain, attractions, museums, history and, obviously, tasty food. Amalfi Coast is situated between Salerno and Naples, it can blend the flavours of both cities’ typical food.

Moreover, Amalfi is an important historical place, it has been one of the four Maritime Republics. We suggest you visit the St. Andrew Cathedral and the Paper Museum. Still today the Amalfi paper is used for the wedding invitations.

Amalfi Coast excursion

If you’ll have the pleasure to visit Amalfi, you can’t miss many more elegant places as Ravello and Positano in the Coast, the wonderful Sorrento, the fascinating isles of Capri and Ischia, the important cities of Salerno and Naples, the magical and historical Pompeii and Paestum.

Actually, there are two interesting sites to visit next to our bed and breakfast called Locanda degli Agrumi. One of these is called the Emerald Grottoa fascinating small grotto discovered in the first 20s from a fisherman. It has a spectacular colour inside. You have to pay only 5 euros to get in. The other one is the Furore Fiord, it is a small piece of beach featured by the bridge, you can get there for free, going down the stairs.

What to visit in Amalfi Coast

After the very next Emerald Grotto and Furore Fiord, we recommend you to go to Positano, a very romantical destination where to enjoy the sunset on the beach. You even can’t miss Sorrento, the city that gives the name to the lemons. Do you like boat trips? Go to Capri and Ischia!

Why don’t do an excursion to Pompeii and Paestum? These destinations are very fascinating and full of history. Don’t miss to visit Vesuvio and Naples, and one more suggestion: the pretty Salerno!