Marina di Conca
Marina di Conca

Panoramic view of picturesque beauty is the characteristic and ancient fishing village nestled in a small cove of the sea, consists of houses flush with the sea, like the old “maccaronia” with the foundations arc that emerge directly from the water.

The houses are overlooking a cove characteristic considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, which in the ’60s was among its regulars Princess Margaret of England, Jacqueline Kennedy, Gianni Agnelli, Princess of Holland and many others that elected him exclusive place, where in times not far focused villas of the biggest celebrities of the international scene: the exclusive residences of Moet et Chandon, Carlo Ponti, Ruffo and D’Urso, the painter Enotrio Pugliese, the Countess Matilde Visconti Greffi guests … which artists, writers, filmmakers cry came to bathe in this emerald sea. 

Today, it is less popular than in past years; in the summer months is alive with beachgoers and tourists by sea or by land reach this small bay, well equipped and with a clear and clean sea.

On the beach there is a small chapel dedicated to Santa Maria della Neve (it is said that the dedication took place after an extraordinary snowfall in mid-August) and August 5 organizes a charming and folkloric festival (see photo).

After the Mass, the Madonna is carried in solemn procession by boat to Amalfi, with a large turnout of boats that follow the evocative and unusual marine parade. The return is celebrated on the beach, in a blaze of light and color from the local population, especially by the boatmen and fishermen asking for His holy protection.