Emerald Grotto
Emerald Grotto

A unique example is the Emerald Grotto of “sweet color of oriental zephyr”, so named because the sea inside it takes an intense and evocative tone emerald, produced by sunlight, filtered water, penetrates all ‘ interior from a hole below the sea level. This magnificent cavern, large 60 by 30 meters with a maximum height of 24 meters, is nestled in the bay of Conca silent and solemn, in a fold of the hem coastal, accidentally discovered in 1932 by a fisherman who later wore a headband that glorified him with the words “discoverer of the cave.” 

At the dock entrance, introduces a raft in the cave, as if by magic, it turns into a great green temple, full of caryatids, figures, curtains and bas-reliefs.
This cave has a unique feature, almost unique: it combines in itself the elements typical of the karst cave with those of the sea cave.

Formed in olden times, the cave was originally placed above the sea level and has given rise slowly dripping stalactites and stalagmites of various sizes, often joined together to form large limestone columns of more than ten meters. Later, about 6000 years ago, the increase in global temperature and bradyseism caused the rise in sea level, which submerged large tracts of the coast and invaded the water for almost half of this cavity. It ‘s so that the cave has taken the wonderful features present … an embroidery of light along the millennia, the sea plays in the most sublime shades: cobalt blue that gives way to the turquoise … turquoise turns green … emerald green … all-encompassing …

The Emerald Cave houses inside the fascinating underwater crib Vietri, every year on the occasion of the holy Christmas is a destination for a large group of divers from all over Italy.

The cave can be reached by sea, by boat from Amalfi service departing from Pier Brush from h. 9:30 to 16:00, or by private boat and mooring buoy on.

Overland, at Km 26.4 of the SS 163 “Coast”, with access via stairs or lift.